The season will start on 1. 12. in ski area Černá hora

Freezing temperatures beg for snow. Krakonoš helps with natural snow. We are waiting for nothing and we are already making snow in almost all areas of the SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC.Na Černé hoře sněhu přibývá.

"We started snowing on Černá hora on Wednesday, November 22, as soon as the climatic conditions allowed it. In the last three weeks, there was an enormous amount of rainfall, and thanks to this, we not only have a supply of water in the reservoirs, but also an excellent condition of the surface water in the streams, from which we can draw water for snowmaking," says Jakub Janda, executive director of SkiResort.

So far, thanks to rapid temperature changes, we have had snow in the Černá hora area, where we plan to start the ski season. "In Pec pod Sněžkou, we let the pistes freeze for a short time so as not to form snow on the soaked ground, and then we will start making snow in the other areas as well. In addition, thanks to the investment in 29 new snow cannons, we now have snowmaking technology spread over all the spine pistes. We are now able to take advantage of the frost as well caused by the inversion, when in the past, with fewer snowmaking equipment, this was not possible," adds Janda.

If the weather forecast holds, we could start the ski season on Friday 1. 12. in Černá hora.Na Černé hoře jsme zahájili zasněžování.

We will specify further dates for other campuses in the following days. For fresh information, come back to our website and social networks Facebook and Instagram, where you will be the first to know everything.