Adventureland Pecka

Nowhere else but in Velká Úpa, Portášky you can look down from deer's antlers, walk through 15-meter-long wooden lynx sculpture, or walk on a rope trail between stork nests. Discover a giant ant and a spindle, animal burrows, or a big wooden salamander.

Entrying the Game landscape Pecka you experience a day full of adventure. Both children and adults will have fun here. 

You can find Game landscape Pecka in Velká Úpa, Portášky near upper station of Portášky chairlift. You can find the latest information regarding opening hours here.

After visiting the Game landscape Pecka, we recommend to use mountaing scooters to ride down to Velká Úpa. SkiResort Live rent where you can rent your scooter is right next to the Game Landscape Pecka.

Opening hours of the Game landscape Pecka 2024


  • May: open daily
  • June, July, August: open daily 
  • September: open daily
  • October:  open daily


Operation of Portášky chairlift

You can find the latest information regarding operating hours of Portášky chairlift here 

Opening hours of SkiResort Live scooter rental 

SkiResort Live scooter rental(one at the upper station of the chairlift at Portášky and another one down in Velká Úpa) is open as follows:


  • May: weekends (9:30 - 16:00)
  • June: weekends, from 15. 6. daily (9:30 - 16:00)
  • July, August: daily (9:30 - 17:00)
  • September: daily till 15.9., weekends (9:30 - 15:30)
  • October: weekends (9:30 - 15:30)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit Game landscape Pecka without buying a wooden ball?

The wooden ball can be used in some game sections . However, you can enjoy the Game landscape Pecka even without this ball. 

Where can I buy the wooden ball called Pecka?

The wooden ball can be purchased at the SkiResort Live scooter rental at the upper station of the chairlift Portášky.  On days when the rental shop is closed, there is a wooden ball vending machine at the top station of the chairlift. The price of the wooden ball is 50 CZK. 

How do I get to Game landscape Pecka?

The easiest way is to park in Velká Úpa in the parking lot on the square (P5) or in the parking lot behind the river (P6). You can then take the chairlift to get up. The Game landscape Pecka is located near the upper chairlift station. You can also hike up the hill, either on the asphalt road, which crosses the slope of Portášky, or through the forest following a path called "the Route of the Mountain Carriers" .

How to go to the Game landscape Pecka directly from Pec pod Sněžkou?

If you are heading to Pecka directly from Pec pod Sněžkou, you can choose from following routes:

  • Take the cable car (Sněžka) to Růžová Hora. Then walk down to Portášky to the Game landscape Pecka. The route from Růžová hora is asphalt, so you can walk there also with a baby carriage. It is possible to go down to Velká Úpa either on the asphalt road or through the forest path called the "Route of Mountain Carriers"
  • Walk from Pec pod Sněžkou to Velká Úpa following the "old road". It is a route called "Krakonoš´s confessional" with several game sections for children. You can get from Velká Úpa to Portášky by the chairlift or choose some of hiking trails.(see above)
  • You can also hike up from Pec pod Sněžkou to Růžová hora and then go down to the Game landscape Pecka at Portasky. This route is not suitable for baby carriers. 
  • It is also possible to walk along a path, which leads from behing hotel Máj and goes mildly up from Pec pod Sněžkou that starts to rise slightly to the forest behind the Maj Hotel. This route is made of asphalt, but it is possible to take a shortcut and take some of other routes, which are not made of asphalt.  

How to use the chairlift with a small child?

The Portášky chairlift is designed for three people. In case you want to use the chairlift also with a small child, we recommend using a baby carrier or a scarf and "tie" your child to your belly. The cable car operator places the baby carrier on the seat behind you. The operator will tell you whether the carrier needs to be folded or it can be loaded without folding.

Can a baby carrier be transported on the chairlift?

Your carrier is transported free of charge at all SkiResort lifts and cablecars. It is placed separately on a free seat. Some carriers do not need to be folded, others do. The folding is the same just like when you place it in your car. You will be adviced by our cablecar operators, whether the carrier needs to be folded or not.