News for winter: More services for the same price, cheaper children's ski passes

The beginning of the winter season is approaching and we have good news for those who are impatient. We have started selling ski passes online. You can buy them in advance at for the cheapest price. And what can you look forward to this winter?

  • SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC will offer more services in winter at the same price as last year. Evening skiing and alpine coaster ride will be included in the price of 5- to 7-day ski passes. Children's ski passes will be cheaper than last year.
  • It will snow better, more economically and also in less frosty weather than before, in Pec pod Sněžkou, where 29 new snow cannons will be added.
  • The Černohorská sledging route will be longer, with a new upper section outside the crossing of the slopes.
  • More convenient purchase of ski passes online and new sKiosks for faster collection of ski passes at any time.
  • The cable car construction project on Javor in Pec is blocked by the state, which refuses to lease its land for the long term.

Winter news

Preparations for the winter season have started in full swing at the ČERNÁ HORA – PEC Ski Resort. The upcoming news concerns snowmaking, sledding routes and the expansion of services for skiers. "We bought 29 new snow cannons for Peca pod Sněžkou, which are 30% more energy efficient and, thanks to the new technology, they can make snow in warmer weather than older cannons. On the order, it is a shift of 2 degrees Celsius, which can play a huge role when waiting for suitable conditions for snowmaking," says executive director of SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC Jakub Janda. The novelty should bring a higher quality of snowmaking on the slopes and thus better skiing.

Evening snack and alpine coaster included in the price of multi-day ski passes for 5 - 7 days

Free evening skiing will now be part of multi-day ski passes for 5, 6 and 7 days. Until now, it only applied to the longest ones. In addition to these three variants of multi-day tickets, each skier gets 1 free ride on the alpine coaster track in Relaxpark.
"We do not plan to increase the price of ski passes. A one-day ski pass for an adult will be on sale online from 620 CZK. In short, we can say that we have a wider range of services for the same money as last year. Thanks to the free evening meal with three variants of multi-day ski passes and riding on the bobsleigh track in Relaxpark in Pec, which is also free," explains Jakub Janda. We discount children's ski passes online from year to year. It means a discount of up to 33% when buying online.

The sledding route is longer and on a new route

All sledging enthusiasts can look forward to a more comfortable ride along the Černohorská sledding route. Its upper section will lead on a new route that does not cross the slopes. "We believe that skiers and sledders will appreciate it and that they will not miss her visit this year. It will now measure approximately 4 km," adds Zina Plchová, spokesperson for the ČERNÁ HORA - PEC Ski Resort.

More automatic cash registers in operation 24/7

Buying ski passes online should be easier and faster. Those who buy ahead of time and from the comfort of their home will save. The extended network of automatic cash desks with Kiosks will be used to purchase or pick up ski passes. There will be 6 of them in the SkiResort areas and they will be in operation non-stop.

In total, SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA – PEC invested approximately 40 million crowns in new products before the winter season.