Walk in Střední hřeben /Central ridge/

Route goes from square from colonnade to Catholic church. Here you can make a decision if you go directly to ridge, or you can go slowly through Rudulfovo valley round children Medical institution called Vesna. Rudolfovo valley is called after prince Rudolf Habsbursky, who visited Janske Lazne in July 1876, in the time of 10 years anniversary "Battle of Trutnov" When you climb to Central ridge you find a place with beautiful view to spa town Janske Lazne and impressive mountain called Cerna hora /Black Mountain/. You can visit also well-known trip place called Hoffmanova bouda /challet/ with original pub. This pub was established already in the year 1889. To the centre of Janske Lazne you return round low station of cable car. This cable car joined /in times old/ town Janske Lazne with Cerny Dul and Vrchlabi.