Modré kameny (Blue stones)

Modré kameny - a few quartz rocks in southern shoulder of Svetla mountain, accessible from touring sign routes. From the biggest rock is beautiful view to countryside durign nice weather.

There are 2 routes to visit blue stones.

Route 1 is tracked by cable car from Janské Lázně to the top of “Černá hora” mountain and further to “Velké Pardubické Boudy” Cottages. You can walk it or ride the bike or scooter. It is 9 km long and it is slightly down the hill. We recommend you to visit „Hospůdka na Formánkách“ restaurant where children’s playground with giant trampoline, mini - golf course or Russian skittles is. See the map of Route 1 HERE


Route 2 is tracked from Janské Lázně through “Modrokamenna bouda“ Cottage to Blue stones. It is nearly 5 km long and it is up and down hill walk. You can visit „Hospůdka na Formánkách“ Restaurant as well. See the map of Route 2 HERE.