Luisis way through Těsný důl (Klausův důl)

If you go through promennade from hotel Lesni dům you get to Luisa's way. The way turns behind the bridge to the left, the way is called after countess Aloisa Czernin-Morzin. She had merit in development of local domain in second half of 19. century. Construction of 2 metres lengthy pavement took whole 5 years. The pavement /after cca 250 meters/ goes in rock canyon close to waterfalls of Cernohorsky stream. The administration of Giant Mountain National Park made difficult reconstruction /in the year 2003/ on the first bridge and on lower part of pavement in the most interesting parts of Tesny dul in the length 600 meters. The repaired pavement ends at canyon end, the second bridge is not restored yet.