Kabinka Children's Park and Pecka Adventureland open daily

Even this summer you will find plenty of activities for families with children in the Eastern Giant Mountains.

Game landscape of Pecka is open daily from June. You can find it at the upper station of the Portášky cable car in Velká Úpa. Chairlift to Portášky  will also take you every day from 9 am to 6:30 pm.

You can go on a scooter from the Adventureland Pecka. SkiResort Live rental  is just off the top station of the Portášky cable car and is open in July and August daily.

Kabinka Children's Park on Černá hora is from 29.6. until the end of the holidays open daily. You can find it near the top station cable car that will take you to the ridges from Janske Lazne.

It is open in July and August mini golf course and playground with a giant trampoline in Janske Lazne at the Hospudka na Formankach.

You will not be bored with our children.