On scooters from Černá hora to Treetop trail

Enjoy the ride - 8 km on mountain scooter


Distance: 8.0 km

Descend from the top of Černá hora to Janské Lázně, or to the Treetop walkway (Stezka korunami stromů) on all-terrain scooters. You can pick one out of three routes, enjoy the vistas, beautiful countryside and adrenalin. Scooters can be rented in our SkiResort Live rentals. The starting point can be accessed by a cable car going from Janské Lázně.

The first route (yellow) goes along Černohorská road via Treetop walkway (Stezka korunami stromů) to Janské Lázně. It's 8 km long and fairly easy. You will cross the ski slopes and ride underneath the cable car path. (ROUTE MAP 1) 

The second route (orange) passes Pardubické boudy with a detour to rock formation Modré kameny. It's definitely worth the small detour. On route you will find the tavern Hospůdka na Formánkách in Janské Lázně with a playground, trampoline, minigolf, and skittles. The route is 10.5 km long and can be considered medium difficult. (ROUTE MAP 2)

The third option (green) is the longest one. It's 11.5 km long and will take you to the other side of Černá hora. While descending, you can enjoy the view of Sněžka and other mountain tops. (ROUTE MAP 3) 

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Mapa trasy 1

Mapa trasy 2

Mapa trasy 3

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